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 5th-8th Grade


Sub Plan:  9/21/17

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Wellness Challenge:


TJMS Million Mile Race to Wellness






Ms. Nirode's Health Class/Wellness Survey-2016-2017 School Year:


Students must be signed into their pwssd accounts to take survey.  This survey will count for a participation grade.  Be as honest as possible.  Thanks!


2016-2017 Nirode Health Class/Wellness Survey


2016-2017 Newsletters

Quarter 1 Newsletter:

Quarter 2 Newsletter:

2016-2017 Slideshows

Welcome to Ms. Nirode's Health Class Website.  Above you can find tabs to explore the different subjects that are taught in class.  Many assignments, assessments, and handouts will be located on Haiku.



I'm excited to be back for another amazing year teaching and learning about health and wellness!




Contact information:  Joy.Nirode@pwssd.k12.wi.us


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